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Florida Car Rental

Florida Auto Rent in Cape Coral, your car rental company in Florida.

Florida Auto Rent is a German-American business. You’ll enjoy American rates and German customer service.

Our Service

Your stay in Florida should be as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

That is why we offer full service including airport pick-up, drop off at your vacation destination, and return to the airport.

Our comprehensive service includes

  • airport pick-up
  • easy-to-understand contracts without special clauses
  • no hidden fees as is often the case with other car rental companies
  • and all inclusive rates with no surprise charges.

You’ll find everything from compact cars to spacious sedans, from full size vehicles to SUVs. Larger families or enthusiastic shoppers may want to consider the 8 seat van or one of the largest SUV’s on the American market. Cabriolets and luxury cars are available if you want to treat yourself to something special.

Just let us know which car you are interested in, and for what dates.

Does this sound familiar ???

Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida

It’s been a long flight. You’re tired, and all you want is to get to your vacation home as quickly as possible. But you’re stuck in line at the car rental counter behind a bunch of other people, and it takes forever until it’s finally your turn. Then the girl at the counter tries to talk you into additional services you don‘t really need, but you sign just to get out of there.

The nasty surprise comes later, with your credit card bill, when you realize what you actually paid for the car.

That’s not how it works with Florida Auto Rent. Our prices are clearly stated without any hidden fees or surcharges.

  • After your arrival in Florida, you’re met at the airport by one of our friendly representatives
  • Your hard-earned vacation starts now, you’ve officially arrived in paradise
  • We’ll drive you straight to your vacation home or hotel, stress-free and without long wait times. You’ll feel right at home in Florida.
  • Upon request, your car will be equipped with a GPS system for a fee, allowing you to save time and easily arrive at your destination

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